Party time 

Bring me all of them, the whole spectrum of emotions.


You are invited to join Dawn’s party. There you will be able to listen to sad and happy songs about her experiences and life through her eyes. 


Dawn Somek is a singer-songwriter from Israel. Dawn was trained as a classical singer from a young age and grew up listening to soul, rock, and pop music. She combines her musical background and influences with her own unique sound to create music that is both then and now.


In her music Dawn, deals with issues like love, life, and empowerment. Creating a colorful world that is sometimes difficult and sometimes great, just like life itself.


Dawn brings her emotions, passion, and life experiences to her music and challenges the boundary between happiness and sadness through her music and lyrics. 


Dawn works closely with her producers. She writes the songs and together they create “Dawn's world”, bringing her vision to life. 


This year Dawn is putting out new music and you are welcome to open the door and come into her world. Hopefully, you will relate to Dawn’s songs and find yourself 

smiling while reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future.